Yealink Light Indicator BLT60 – Generation-e Express NZ
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Yealink Light Indicator BLT60-Generation-e Express
Yealink Light Indicator BLT60-Generation-e Express

Yealink Light Indicator BLT60

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The Yealink BLT60 helps to boost great productivity in the office. With its star/heart/square shape light guide, no matter which one you choose, people around you can always know your working state. It synchronously displays the current desk phone/softphone presence state with the colors. For example, when BLT60 turns red, that means you are in a call, then people would not interrupt you.

In addition, the Yealink BLT60 is with 1.8m long cord, which allows you to place the light wherever it's easily seen, for example, the corner of your desk or the PC monitor. When you are away from your desk while the Yealink BLT60 is flashing red, you can still know here comes the call and never miss it, even there is no bell reminder.


  • Compatible with Yealink WH6x headsets and MP50 USB Phone
  • Easy to use
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Synchronously present working state

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