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Free freight for orders over $400*
Free freight for orders over $400*
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About Generation-e Express

Welcome to Generation-e Express, the online B2B store of Generation-e.  You will find here the highest quality, certified products for your business.  Generation-e specifically select products to make your business and your people more productive.

Generation-e is a Microsoft Gold Partner.  Since our original foundation in 2004 we have worked with thousands of corporate, enterprise and government organisations.  Because of this we have the strongest vendor relationships that we leverage to bring you a selected range of products we know will make a positive difference to you.  These strong relationships also mean we have great buying power and pass on that benefit to you.

All products we supply are Australian models with full Australian warranty from the manufacturer.  We do not grey market products in from other countries.  Express provides great products are great prices because we have great relationships with our partners.

What is the difference between Generation-e and Generation-e Express? 

  • Generation-e Express offers a select set of products online while Generation-e offers a full range of custom products and solutions.
  • With Generation-e Express you make the decision on your purchase based on the information provided online only, while Generation-e offers a full advisory service to assist you.




For further information about Generation-e visit www.generation-e.com.au